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Worlds Greenest Buildings-ASU Health Services Building
2015-04-09-Green Building Elements
ASU Health Services Building was named as one of 12 world class sustainable building designs featured in a new infographic created by Classic Window Replacements of Dublin, Ireland.

Each building showcases a variety of energy saving techniques, from exterior walls with much higher than normal insulating power to sail shaped designs to create wind currents that help generate electricity for the building.

Most also capture and re-use rainwater or offer innovative strategies to treat waste water created by occupants. Low energy LED lighting systems are used to supplement design characteristics that maximize the amount of natural light that finds its way into the interior.

And of course, they all have solar panel installations. Most are net zero buildings that generate enough electricity to meet all the building’s needs. Many have enough electrical power left over to supply nearby buildings as well.

And, of course, virtually every building on the list has unique design features that set it apart visually from ordinary commercial buildings or office towers.